A backyard with artificial grass and patio furniture.

Turf Tech Pros Artificial Grass Maintenance Tips

One of the best things about the artificial grass or synthetic turf in South Florida is the lack of care needed to keep your lawn looking great. No more waking up early to mow the lawn, having to pay to get it done, fertilizing or watering. No more headaches.

However, artificial turf in Miami does require some maintenance to keep it looking great for as long as possible. Regularly cleaning and maintaining your turf will ensure your investment lasts a long time.

Here are some tips we use to keep synthetic grass looking great in our Artificial Grass Maintenance Services:

Keep it Clean (Including from Pets)

For Starters, keeping your lawn clean will go a long way. That means if leaves fall on your artificial grass from other trees, brush them off. You don’t want tree leaves and shrubs going bad on your artificial lawn causing your lawn to discolor with time, especially in Miami where anything will bake in the sun in no time.

Also, consider spraying your lawn with water from time to time if it doesn’t rain. The best part about artificial grass is most messes can be washed away with a bit of water. If that doesn’t work, you can always try a little soap and water or a small mixture of half water half vinegar, which will help clear and break down any dust or debris. If you have pets, remember to spray water regularly and pick up their number 2’s and any other pet waste to keep your South Florida Synthetic Lawn looking great.

Brush/Rake It

Keep your lawn looking great and the grass nice and tall by simply raking it and brushing it out. After time with foot traffic, your lawn can start to look a little flat. A simple trick to getting it to look great again is to brush it out, which will help loosen the fibers, in turn, having it stand nice and tall again.

Avoid Toxic Chemicals

Try avoiding harsh and toxic chemicals on your artificial lawn. Chemicals such as battery acid and motor oil will damage your synthetic grass, causing it to discolor.

Additional Treatment and Services

Sometimes your artificial grass might need a little more love to get it looking great again. In this case, Turf Tech Pros offers a variety of maintenance services in South Florida. We can power broom, add new sand, and even refill your base if any holes should open up. Contact us today for all your South Florida Artificial Turf Maintenance needs.

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