The Wharf Miami Park With a Green Carpet

Turf at the Wharf


This past March, Turf Tech Pros had the privilege of going into The Wharf Miami and helping them out with a artificial turf issue. The Wharf wanted to redo their artificial grass in order to fill in and repair a variety of holes created by the high foot traffic and heavy rains. They also needed the job done quick to not disrupt their weekly hours of operation. Turf Tech Pros had 3 days to complete the project.

Turf Tech Pros began by rolling up the existing artificial turf so it could be used again at the end of the project. After the Artificial grass is rolled up and collected, we began to bring in a special mixture of sand and rock. Then we compact that mixture to create a firm base that has proper drainage. After we make sure the area is level and the area is compact we begin to lay down drain tiles. These provide additional drainage as well as tough and sturdy surface that can withstand the heavy foot traffic as well as the Miami downpours. Finally we rolled out and reinstalled the previous artificial turf. We then hit it with a blower and then a power brush to leave the grass standing up looking great.

If your ever in the area, you should go in and check out The Wharf. They have great food, tasty drinks, live music, and their on the water. A nice way to spend any afternoon or evening.