A black and white dog laying on a green lawn.

Artificial Grass for your Pets

Lately we get a lot of questions about artificial grass or turf for pets. We want to start off by saying it’s 100% safe for you pets. All of Turf Tech Pros artificial grass products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. With that said, there are many benefits to adding artificial Turf to your South Florida yard or Dog Park.

Artificial Grass for your Pets Home Yard

Regular grass requires a lot of maintenance as is it before you add your pets to the equation. For starters you need to water your lawn regularly in South Florida if not the sun will cause it to dry up. On various occasions you’re going to need fertilizer to keep your lawn looking nice, these products can be toxic and harmful to your pets. Artificial Grass requires little to no watering. Our artificial turf requires no fertilizers. Also, you need to mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking nice. Artificial grass stays the same length looking great all the time. Lastly, cleaning up after your pet is a breeze. You can spot their mess quickly and clean it up even quicker. Many times plain water will clean it up without having to worry about creating a muddy area.

Artificial Grass for your Pet/Dog Park

Dog parks in South Florida benefit the most from artificial turf. Dog parks tend to get heavy traffic. Heavy foot traffic and heavy soiling because this is where people take their pets to relieve themselves. On regular grass this can become a serious nightmare quickly. Grass will begin to thin out with the foot traffic. Creating holes and muddy spots especially in those shaded areas. This can become a real mess over time. With artificial turf in Miami this can be completely avoided. Our artificial grass is strong and before we install our products we make sure to set up a base the drains properly making sure you never have to worry about holes or mud again. Artificial grass also makes it simple to clean up your pets’ waste with easy.


We continue to see massive growth in our local South Florida dog parks making the shift over to artificial turf because in the long run, it lasts and its cost effective. No more lawn services to maintain your park on a regular basis which can become expensive. With our artificial grass you get to enjoy more time with your pets and less time cleaning up.