Turf tech Pros has multiple lines. Our Pro Collection would be our most popular line. All the artificial grass products in this line are appropriate for indoor and outdoor use. They are all Eco-friendly as well as safe for animals. Our products can withstand rough wear, tear and extreme weather conditions with 20 years of projected life expectancy. The Pro Collection is ideal for both residential and commercial use. Our artificial grass utilizes the latest technology to create the ultimate in artificial grass luxury and comfort. Our artificial grass is low maintenance. It doesn’t require water nor mowing keeping your lawn care services costs low saving you big in the long run.

Cool Blue

Amazing turf for yard areas. Perfect for children and pets. Eco Friendly. Great for a sorts of foot traffic. Best of all, you'll never need to water or mow it. Go on a nice getaway with all the money you'll save. Exclusively from Turf Tech Pros.


A safe, cost- efficient alternative to traditional grass lawns. Ideal for commercial and residential landscapes. If you desire to have a perfectly manicured, gorgeously looking lawn to be proud of, Riviera Monterey is the answer.


A surprisingly comfortable yet durable synthetic grass product that feels great when you kick your shoes off. Spend more time relaxing in your pristine yard and less time struggling with pesky mowing and watering.

More Options Available

These are only our most popular options in our Pro Collection. Looking for something else? We have other options available. Let us know what your looking for in artificial grass and well be happy to help.


Welcome to our newest collection. Our America Collection features a variety of highest quality synthetic turf for commercial and residential lawns, golf putting greens, sports fields, playgrounds, rooftops, patios, decks, and pet areas. Our artificial grass doesn't require maintenance mowing or watering. Our highest quality, durable, realistically looking turf comes with the best warranties in the industry. Artificial turf is the tasteful choice for difficult to grow areas, hillsides, pet runs, non-play areas and commercial use. Our America Collection comes with QuickFlow Technology to make sure it drains properly with no water build up.


ALPHA will maintain a luxurious evergreen appearance all year long, no matter the season! Specifically designed for commercial and residential landscapes to withstand moderate foot traffics. Made in the USA


SL is great for homes. UV- and fire-proof, weather resistant, low-maintenance, eco-friendly, made of lightweight yet super-strong material that's soft to the touch. Made in the USA. 


UD PLAY is great for homes with children. It comes with an additional layer of padding making it great for softer landings. 100% weather resistant & eco-friendly, . Made in the USA. 

More Options Available

These are only some our most popular options in our America Collection. We have other options available. Looking for a particular color or style? Let us know what your looking for and well be more than happy to help.


Turf Tech Pros PLAY Collection includes everything needed to get a sports field, putting green, or playground area ready to go. We have ideal products for creating that perfect putting green in your backyard. Turf Tech Pros also has a variety of durable artificial sports turfs that are perfect for Soccer and Football regardless if its indoor or outdoor. You can also count on us to carry everything you need to keep your playground area safe with our foam tiles for added protection that goes under the actual synthetic grass. We also understand these are play areas so you have to make it fun, so we carry our artificial grass in a variety of cool colors like white, black, yellow, pink and orange.

Putting Green

Practice your short game from the comfort of your own backyard. Turf Tech Pros have a variety of turf options when it comes to artificial grass for golf. 

Field Turf

We have artificial grass that is perfect for indoor and outdoor sports fields such as soccer & football. Also available in cool colors!

Play Foam

Playground areas in South Florida are now required to have 6 inches of play area foam installed to keep your kids safe. Our goal is to make the play areas as safe as possible.


Turf Tech Pros Ivy Collection offers not only a variety of Ivy but also an assortment of colors to follow. Our most popular Ivys’ at the moment are Boxwood, Jasmine, and Ficus. Our synthetic Ivy products are nice and full and look very realistic. They can handle any conditions from heat to cold weather. Best of all, you don’t have to wait years for it to grow and you don’t have to worry about pruning it later. Our Ivy installations are great for indoor and outdoor. Bring a boring wall in your home, office, or social space to life with some greenery.


Full and bushy Ivy. Great for creating a nice full look.


A beautiful Ivy that includes small flowers. Very bright & vivid colors.


Big leafy Ivy. Great for a tropical environment.

You Guessed it, We have a lot more Ivy

Our Ivy collection is pretty extensive. The options you see above are available in a variety of colors and we also have other ivy styles in stock. Let us know what you're looking for.