Turf Tech Pros

Turf in the Keys

Based in Miami, FL, here at Turf Tech Pros we understand the South Florida lifestyle. Whether that includes pool parties in your backyard or weekends in the Keys – we got you covered. There are many benefits for installing artificial grass in your Keys home.

When spending time in the Keys, it is natural to feel relaxed and in “vacation mode.” However, it is harder to fully be in this mindset when you are swamped with the tasks of maintaining your property. This is where we come in. Installing turf in these residences allows for a low maintenance, easy-to-clean alternative. If you happen to have renters in your property, this is even more of a reason why artificial grass may be the best option for you. Rather than scrambling to make sure your yard is in its best shape, a weight will be lifted off your shoulders when you realize it already is.

As we value family very much, we acknowledge that the Florida Keys is a place to spend time with loved ones. With that being said, we want to make sure that your kids and pets are put in the safest environment possible. Geologically, the Florida Keys became fossilized over time to form the rock that makes up the island chain today. Therefore, many properties in the keys have rocky terrains. This isn’t necessarily kid friendly. We want to provide you with a safe and comfortable experience through the installation of our turf. This allows your little ones to roam and play freely – without the fear of getting hurt in the process. We hope to put your mind at ease with our services.