A man standing in front of a sign that says turf tech pros.

Meet the Owner

_Turf Tech Pros _was founded in 2015 by Peter Hernandez. Growing up in Miami, FL, Peter always understood the importance of hard work and hustle. With 20 years of experience in construction and a passion for building a business, he began the journey to create his own artificial turf company. After being introduced to this amazing product, Peter saw big potential in the industry – especially in South Florida.

Peter got his very first client while working out of his home. Due to precision and excellent customer service, many product referrals followed rapidly. Something that really helped Peter grow his business, was his expertise in construction. Not only did he believe in the business, but he also had the knowledge and experience to back it up. This allows Peter to give clients the best option for them personally and tailor to their needs. One of his main priorities is building an honest and open relationship with customers. We want to be a business that you can trust.

What sets us apart from other companies, is that our mission is rooted in family. We have been blessed with the best employees who are not only good at their craft, but also people we can genuinely count on. Here at Turf Tech Pros, we have a built a foundation of mutual respect, hard work, and above all – family. Peter acknowledges that none of his success would be possible without the help and support of his family.

Today, Turf Tech Pros has come a long way since its early days. We currently have a showroom based in Miami and a family-owned office. Peter has had the pleasure of building this business from the ground up and shows no signs of stopping. He is excited for the future of Turf Tech Pros Inc. and the jobs to come. The sky is the limit for Peter Hernandez and the pros.